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As Roving Ambassador for St Mary's church in Plumtree, I've visited lots of other St Mary's churches around the country. Just to be clear, 'cos there are so many churches, I visit Church of England (and Wales) churches dedicated only to "St Mary", "St Mary the Virgin" or "The Blessed Virgin Mary". So I won't visit a church dedicated to "St Mary and St Bartholomew" or "St Mary's Eyebrow" [snigger]. I do visit the occasional closed church too.

Click on a county (coloured orange) on the map below to see which churches I've been to. I'll be adding more when I get out and about again. I've not been to the grey counties yet, but I'll have a word with my assistants.

Dear Reader, Hello! And if you've visited this page before "Welcome Back!" Please click the Refresh button thingy on your browser to see the latest updates to my map 'cos I've renamed some web pages and otherwise you won't see my latest stuff. Thank you. Love, Big Ted.


I've also made a more detailed map which pinpoints the exact location of all the churches that I've visited (and other places I've been as well).
And there's even an alphabetical list of all the wonderful villages which have St Mary's churches that I've visited.


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