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Rector | In vacancy

Reader | Paul Olejnik
Paul Olejnik Mob: 07981 133 747
Email: Send email using a form

As well as being our Reader, Paul is responsible for organizing our Fellowship Events.
Churchwarden | Tony Darby
Tony Darby Tel: 0115 937 5476
Email: Send email using a form

Tony has exciting plans for the church and is eager to develop a strategic plan to take the church forward in these challenging times. As well as being a Churchwarden, Tony is one of St Mary's representatives on the Deanery Synod.
Churchwarden | Pauline Voce
Pauline Voce Tel: 0115 974 9701
Email: Send email using a form

In addition to being a Churchwarden, Pauline is our chief "flower lady" helping organise flowers for weddings, church events and weekly services.
Treasurer | Barrie Woodcock
Tel: 0115 937 6374
Email: Send email using a form

Barrie is a qualified accountant and manages our finances to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and with the longer term aim of securing the financial future of our church.
Secretary to the PCC | Kate Macfarlane
Kate Macfarlane Tel: 0115 921 3114
Email: Send email using a form

Kate has been our PCC Secretary for over 20 years and a member of the choir for almost 30 years. Kate is also one of St Mary's representatives on the Deanery Synod
Electoral Roll Officer | Rosemary Jordan
Rosemary Jordan Tel: 0115 937 2635
Email: Send email using a form

Rosemary is also Deputy Churchwarden, Assistant Treasurer, editor of the Church Guide, editor and advertising contact for the parish magazine, and organiser of the cleaning rotas.
Church Communicator | Jackie Clark
Jackie Clark Tel: 0115 937 4915
Email: Send email using a form

Jackie is a Deputy Churchwarden, Communications Lead and one of St Mary's representatives on the Deanery Synod. Jackie updates St Mary's social media and has recently taken on the upkeep of the website.
Parish Safeguarding Co-ordinator | Jane Cotton
Jane Cotton Tel: 0115 937 2993
Mob: 07774 461 185
Email: Send email using a form

Jane is our Parish Safeguarding Co-ordinator. Please contact her with regard to any Safeguarding issues.
Choir Leader | Angela North
Tel: 0115 937 4237
Email: Send email using a form

Angela is responsible for keeping the choir in order (a hard task). She directs choir practice on Wednesday evenings and is a keen bell ringer.
Tower Contact | Sue Manley
Tel: 0115 937 2366
Email: Send email using a form

Contact Sue if you are interested in learning to ring or if you are a ringer who would like to join us.

Also, if you are a band of ringers who would like to "borrow" our bells, Sue is the person to ask.
Gift Aid Secretary | Barbara Tuckwell
Tel: 0115 937 2548
Email: Send email using a form

Having retired as Treasurer (after more years than she cares to remember), Barbara is now our Gift Aid Secretary. She looks after the Promise Forms and Gift Aided donations.


Needless to say, many other people are involved in running the church and organising services. If you think someone else should be included in this list, please Contact Us.


Parochial Church Council (PCC)

The PCC is a team made up of members of the clergy and also lay members of the church.

For full details of the duties and responsibilities associated with being a member of the PCC, see the Parochial Church Council section of this website.

PCC members for 2021 to 2022 are:

Ex-officio members:

  • Rector  - In vacancy
  • Paul Olejnik (Reader)
  • Tony Darby (Churchwarden, Deanery Synod Representative)
  • Pauline Voce (Churchwarden)
  • Jackie Clark (Deanery Synod Representative)
  • Kate Macfarlane (Deanery Synod Representative)

Elected members:

  • Jane Cotton
  • Colin Ferguson
  • Rosemary Jordan
  • Geoff Hilton
  • Sue Manley
  • John Martin
  • Angela North
  • Annie Rogers
  • Barrie Woodcock


Standing Committee

The Standing Committee can make decisions affecting the church that need to be taken urgently between PCC meetings.  Members of the Standing Committee for 2021 to 2022 are:

  • Rector - In vacancy
  • Tony Darby (Churchwarden)
  • Pauline Voce (Churchwarden)
  • Kate Macfarlane (Secretary to the PCC)
  • Barrie Woodcock (Treasurer)



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